Petrochemical engineering process control consultants

Using an outside consultant for your petrochemical engineering projects can help you to maintain safety, efficiency and productivity like never before, all while minimising your spend and controlling your budget for your petrochemical plant construction.

Here at FESS, the skills and years of experience that our team has gained from working tirelessly across the manufacturing industry ensures that we can offer any client competent and cost-effective management support, helping you to surpass your business aims with the greatest ease. Our petrochemical engineering consultants offer a range of services, including:

Process Design

Process design, the choice and sequencing of units for desired physical and/or chemical transformation of materials, is central to effective petrochemical plant design, bringing together all components.

Process Engineering

Process engineering focuses on end-to-end manufacturing of products, supporting the sustainable economic and technological development of petrochemical industries from raw material to final product.

Engineering Studies

Understanding the petrochemical engineering processes and their influencing factors or working parts to help find innovative new solutions and ideas that can take the industry by storm and support you in saving time and money.

Process Simulation

Process simulation is used for the design, development, analysis, and optimisation of technical petrochemical processes. Process simulation allows your entire system to be viewed together as one.

General Automation

Practically meeting your manufacturing objectives is our main goal when designing your process control system utilising general automation.

Process Programming

Process control programming has a wide variety of automation platforms, monitoring options and networking techniques to find the ideal program processes that suit your unique wants and needs.

Electrical Design

Delivering custom electrical designs and the most effective electrical systems or panels which can be used to operate in hazardous environments such as a petrochemical factory.

Physical System Design

Your processing needs, production requirements and cost are all balanced by physical systems engineers who use their knowledge of manufacturing to design and build your custom solution.

Equipment & Instrumentation Selection

We recognise that you need a whole host of different machinery and tools to complete your daily petrochemical tasks, and that’s why we offer a full coverage equipment and instrumentation range sourced from the best supplier to surpass your expectations.

Fabrication & Assembly

Potentially the most important step of all, involves craftsmen building your system in a dedicated fabrication and assembly plant.

Quality Assurance Program

The one true goal of any commercial project is to make the production process work to suit the customer’s specifications. Quality Assurance monitors and assesses each project detail to achieve the highest quality and the greatest craftsmanship.

Field Construction Services

Offering stand out field construction services to aid you in maintaining ultimate peace of mind on your petrochemical plant, upholding safety and security while promoting proactivity at the same time.

Reaching out to a team of trusted petrochemical engineering consultants so that you can benefit from the best possible petrochemical plant design and reap the rewards of an amasing petrochemical plant construction will transform your business like never before, allowing you to maintain the best levels of health and safety while surpassing client expectations and keeping costs at an all time low.


If you’re considering using a petrochemical engineering consultant, speak with us today for our advice on how to maximise your savings.

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