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FESS is your trusted food Manufacturing Matchmaker, dedicated to finding you the perfect contracting solution to save you time and money.

Through our understanding of industry challenges, we’ll help develop and grow your food manufacturing business by offering expert advice and solutions that save you time and money.

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    How to Prepare for… the Retailer Audit Inspection

    If you are a food manufacturer and supply products to the retail market, you will have the pleasure of experiencing the equivalent of an Ofsted inspection to your premises by the retailer you supply.

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    Manufacturing the dream job…

    Dreaming of a job in manufacturing isn’t going to be at the top of most young people’s wish list. And that’s fine. I wanted to be a rock star for the majority of my youth.

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    How to develop a food manufacturing sustainability strategy

    The conversation surrounding sustainability is a concern for all industries; especially the food sector. From production to packaging...

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    Take control of your projects

    Do you have the idea but not the time, resource or specialist knowledge? We’ll give you a helping hand to see your project through from conception to delivery with our food engineering expertise.